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Product League: A Mentorship experience

© Product League
© Product League

It's been five months since I joined Product League as a product management mentor.

I had the privilege to work with Shir as a mentee, and I hope I played a role in the professional growth I have witnessed during this shared journey.

I saw a process in which Shir gained a deeper understanding of the vision and business mission of a fast-changing and complex organization.

I witnessed her growing ability to draw conclusions from this new clarity, translate business goals into product goals, and communicate these effectively with teammates and both internal and external stakeholders.

To me it was a growth opportunity as well: observing the methodical effort, the internal struggles, and how one can emerge stronger - both professionally and emotionally, the latter being equally important in the corporate world.

I'm looking forward to my next (and ongoing) mentorship. Thank you, Shir, for sharing this journey with me!

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