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Management consulting. Product. Strategy.

Product as a Service

Product Vision happens when you are able to integrate market structure and user behaviors into a coherent future worldview, where you articulate a relevant Value Proposition.

For entrepreneurs this is a super-power, and we offer this as a service.

Scrutinizing old man with a looking glass
One meeting.
Actionable evaluation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product Review
Due Diligence

Entrepreneurs build their future on their product, which they define through an initiation phase.

The perspective from the trenches, tends to be limited, with dozens of parameters changing and fighting for focus.


A view from 30,000ft is required to sort the wheat from the chaff, to cut through the remains of your trial and errors, to articulate clear value to users and buyers.

Our decades long experience allow us this perspective.

In a single meeting, we will review your product offering, and present you with an outsider's understanding of your current state, and offer you strategic alternatives.

Oh, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. You don't pay if you see no value.

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First Step Is Always The Hardest.

Let us guide you through!

Product Discovery

We conceive and improve digital products, helping you translate customers needs to requirements.

We define the technology stack that would deliver the functionality / experience, and distill it all into a coherent guidance for designers and developers.​

  • Product initiation

  • Requirement analysis

  • User and data flows

  • Epics and User stories

  • Technology stack architecture

  • Scaling and security

  • Project sizing, risk mitigation

  • Time lines and controls

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When You Need It Done.

Hands-on product management, accelerating your product execution.

We work with your domain specialists, developers, designers, to deliver on your roadmap, releasing valuable features and versions, measuring impact.​

  • Roadmapping

  • Initiatives, Epics, User stories

  • Data flows

  • Wire-framing and prototyping

  • Analytics infrastructures

  • User insights

  • Backlog management

Image by Patrick Perkins
New To The Domain?
Lean On Our Experience.

Product Training & Mentorship

  • Are you new to the product world?

  • Is your organization going through digital transformation?

  • Do you need extra context, better understanding of tools, flows, analytics?

Let us guide you or your team with the following services:

  • Personal Mentorship sessions

  • Introductory executive Workshops

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