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Management consulting. Strategy.

Services: What We Do

Accelerating technology startups: Our passion is Startup Acceleration, and our vehicle is Business Development as a Service. 

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Product Development

Got ideas?
Let us execute!

You are a specialist in your domain.

That doesn't mean you know how to build products.

Let  us translate your insights into value customers  would pay for.

We will analyze the journey your users make, then build processes and sequences.

We will prepare Product specifications, ready for developers to  build.

Finally, we will manage the Product Development process,  handling UX, UI, Full stack developers.

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Business Development

Tech companies cannot operate in vacuum

Who are you talking to?

So many stakeholders...​

Strategic partnerships: Do this right​...

Analyst relations: Build and maintain relationships

TheRoad helps you map potential stakeholders, from distributors, VARs, analysts.

We build workplans, schedule tasks, and monitor progress, to help you obtain your goals.

Two people sitting in the office armchairs and discussing

Investor Pitch Evaluation

Send your media kit.
Make your pitch.
Get feedback.

Raising funds?

Are you on message?...

Streamline your pitch, optimize investor response!

Make sure you ticked all the boxes investors are looking at!

Financing Round Process Management

Consulting and Execution

Financing rounds are a process.​

TheRoad manages it for you.

  • Criteria based investor prospecting

  • Relationship nurturing

  • Trust building

  • Representations and information

  • Approach and follow up.

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Marketing Operations

Consulting and Execution

New product?

New service?

Market expansion?

TheRoad builds a go-to-market strategy, based on research; builds your marketing operational stack; articulates your messaging​; builds drip / engagement / lead generation campaigns; helps you recruit and train SDR teams.

Shortcut your runway to growth:
Build - Optimize - Run your marketing operations with us!