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Product Management. Hands On Consulting.

About Us - Who We Are

We accelerate technology startups by providing Product Management as a Service.


Our hands-on services focus on Ideation-to-Launch phase, where we build products, craft strategies for digital and technology products in a wide spectrum of industries.

We are based in Tel Aviv, and work globally.


Let's build together!


We define product strategies for technology startups, translating vision into user value.


Our unique proposition lies in ability to consolidate insights across the business and its competitive landscape, to form a coherent company and product roadmap - and execute upon it.

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Yoel Frischoff
Product Strategy Consultant

I am a fractional CPO, specializing in “Zero to One” phase and major pivots.


As a strategic product consultant, I focus on the crucial stages of product initiation and business modeling: Unit economics, life time value, pricing, distribution, acquisition funnels, and business derived KPIs. This is where I link competitive and opportunity analysis to define winning value propositions and find product-market-fit.

Such insights materialize in the product ideation phase, reflecting on requirement / system analysis, product architecture, user & data flows, scaling, and industry specific requirements.


Come talk to me about your product challenges!

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Yoel Frischoff, Consultant, Principal
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