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Management consulting. Product. Strategy.

ABOUT US - Who We Are

We focus on the challenges of startups and technology vendors, helping them with their strategic goals. Our advisory services relate to the product, the market, and the company, where we help raise funding, fix Product Market Fit, Go To Market strategy, and the resulting organization alignment.


Our passion is Startup Acceleration, and our vehicle is Product Strategy as a Service.


We are based in Tel Aviv, heart of the "Startup Nation".


Let's build your growth together!


We accelerate startups creating digital and technology products, helping them form their vision about the value they bring to their users.

By improving Product Market Fit, creating Business Models, and formulating Go-To-market Strategies - we assist entrepreneurs  build their company's structure, articulate their message to prospective investors, customers, partners.

Our unique value lies in the ability to consolidate insights across the business and its competitive landscape, to form a coherent overall vision - a Company roadmap.


Finally, we then help managements execute on that promise.

Yigal Alon business district at night

Yoel Frischoff

Startup Development Specialist

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Yoel brings a wealth of experience in product management, product strategy, and business acceleration in the software and technology domains.

His strengths and passion span over creative, technical, management consulting, and entrepreneurship.

When not rowing or paddling on the Yarkon river, working on startup projects, he volunteers as a Startup mentor.

Yoel Frischoff, Consultant, Principal
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