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Product Management. Hands On Consulting.

Our mission: Accelerating Technology Products.

Product Task Force

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Digital Products must excel in delivering customer value.


Achieving this, however, is not always straightforward. Inherent challenges in the development process can hinder progress:

    - Ideal Customer Persona identification

    - Unique Value Proposition definition

    - Positioning and Competitive Advantage


These challenges can trap product teams in a vicious cycle, blurring focus, obstructing product-market fit.

For startups and teams launching new products, we offer a comprehensive product initiation process:

  • Strategic analysis: Market, Customer, Company

  • Requirement and business case analysis

  • Use cases and data flows

  • User stories and wire-framing

  • UX / UI concepts 

  • Architecture: Tech-stack definition for front and back end, scaling strategy, security

  • Analytics strategy and implementation

  • Effort estimations, sprint planning

Through concentrated effort, our analysis transforms into actionable work plans, which then evolve into user-facing first versions that can be continuously improved and scaled.

Build New Products!

Product Initiation

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For companies struggling with underperforming products, we offer comprehensive product audit services:


  • Strategic review: Does your product align with your vision?

  • Audience drift: Did you know who your users, customers, stakeholders were when you started, or did they shift? Are they served, or are there gaps remaining preventing adoption?

  • Do features support your product marketing promise?

  • Financial assessment: Unit economics, LTV and CAC, fixed costs and break even analysis.

What went wrong?... and how can we fix it?


We offer one or more modes of operation, depending on your needs:

  • Product Consulting: This is where our consultants (Strategy, Product, UX/UI, tech architect, AI and other specialists) work with leadership to help you refine your vision.

  • Team completion: We provide hands-on services to help your team deliver on time quality products that resonate with your audience. 

  • Ad hoc squad: This is for when you need an external team to build, launch, and operate a digital product which is not part of your core competencies.

Mode of Operation

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