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Building your Marketing Technology Stack?

As curated by Chiefmartec
Marketing Technology landscape

#digitalmarketing #stack can be daunting at times, with over 8000 solutions out there, and up to 70 point solutions installed, on average, in large enterprises.

What opportunities lie for marketing technologists?...

First, let us define who those are: MTOs - Marketing Technology Officers responsible for building and consolidating the digital marketing tool chest of the organization. From lead generation through enrichment, scoring, engagement, sales pipe line management, and post sales - all these stages and more are to be managed and measured digitally, and MTOs are here to do just that.


And what are the major trends we can foresee in this vast domain?

1. Curation: MTOs first challenge is to match digital marketing solutions to the particular stage, scale, industry, channel, funnels, and budget of their organization - complete with a roadmap for anticipated growth, and fallback plans.

2. Centralized management: Can one ring rule them all? With a myriad of tools, users, permissions, payment plans, integration processes, there rise a need for a single focal point, allowing control of the Beast.

3. Managed services: Let others deal with complexity, at least when it comes to the technology management.

4. Consolidation: This will come at some point, through M&As, collating functionalities to vertical specific silos.

Do you face challenges in defining your own digital marketing technology stack? Do you have your strategy aligned with the tools available to you now, and in the foreseeable future?


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