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ScaleUp | Meetup: Product and Marketing infrastructures

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

It's been a while...

Meeting people, discussing topics of interest... This time -about how do you grow your product and marketing infrastructure as you scale.

Place: Be-All HaShachar, 4 Ariel Sharon st. Givataim

When: Sunday, Oct. 15th, 18:00


Tentative Agenda

This Meetup is aimed to answer some of the questions scale-up companies are facing.

  • How would you manage your first product? What should the first product manager do and what they should not? (Yoel Frischoff)

  • Classic Product mistakes (Ynon Gutheit)

  • Building SLG / PLG funnels (Naomi Karmi)

  • How would your R&D infrastructures change, moving from POC to MVP to a full-fledge product? (To be announced)

The event will start by a (very!) short presentation by each of the speakers, followed by an open discussion with panel.

You are welcome!

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