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2022 Year in Review - TheRoad

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

What a year this was, and definitely not necessarily in a good way. As hard as we'd try, we cannot avoid paying attention to the natural and man-made disasters and lesser disturbances all over the globe.

But focus on our work we must, and year ends are a good opportunity to reflect, while we plan ahead.

As 2022 comes to a roaring end, I'd like to share a brief summary of what this year has been for me at TheRoad.

  • Product due-diligence assessment for a service going global

  • An eye opening Business model analysis for BNPL

  • Built and gave a Product-management course, with strategy highlights

  • Built an automatic video dubbing and machine translation service

  • Startup mentoring for MENA based startups, in the Mar-tech and Ed-tech spaces

  • Founder mentorship, this time for an e-Commerce platform in East Africa

  • New product and strategy consulting opportunities


Oh, and ChatGPT and Dall-E2 came along disruptively...

[With the images herein generated using the prompt: "product manager looking on a 3m post-it wall, in the evening light oil on canvas, focus on face, eye, hands, cool tones Edward hopper style", the text above was painstakingly crafted by yours truly.

Hope you will like and share]

I wish you all a productive year 2023!

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