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Product Advisory

Updated: Jun 20

Unlock the full potential of your venture with our Product Advisory consultation sessions, designed to refine your product offering and help you achieve product-market-fit.

Starting with a Brainstorm
Starting with a Brainstorm

What is this 'Product Advisory' all about?

Entrepreneurs and product innovators often struggle to define their initial product offering and scope.

In this series of meetings, I'll help you define and refine your positioning, identify your ideal customer persona, and understand how to build your positioning through a powerful product strategy.

Here's how:


Fundamental Imperatives

We start with first principles: Who is our product for, and what value does it provide to them?


Understand and Leverage Your Advantage - Refine Your Positioning

The competitive landscape is defined by the features your competitors have chosen to focus on. What in your product - the technology, the go to market approach, the pricing - ensures a unique appeal that will put you in front of the competition?

Articulate a compelling unique value proposition that resonates with your target audience, setting your product apart from the competition.

"Inspire happiness and make a positive difference"
"Inspire happiness and make a positive difference"

Identify Those Elusive ICPs

Ideal customer personas: Whose pain are you solving for? It is not enough, though. Can the ones to benefit from your product commit to allocate the resources required to pay and use it?

Are there enough of them to support your business?

"He's like: This product is a live savior to me"
"He's like: This product is a live savior to me"

Product Creation - Design Sprint

We've now understood the Why's - The Raison d'être - of what we are building, we can proceed to the more practical problem solution phases of the design.


Implement Effective User Flow

Design user flow map: Actions users take, progressing from one state to the next.

These flows adapt dynamically based on user actions, automations, and software interfaces.

Subscription renewal flow
Subscription renewal flow

Boost Engagement and Stickiness

A hallmark of product-market-fit is user retention. A lagging metric (you discover it only once subscribers churn or renew), you need to tailor strategies to increase user engagement over time (AKA 'Stickiness').

This includes personalized triggers, notifications pulling users back in, value generating micro interactions, and periodic outputs.

Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C context, adapt your product to meet vertical and industry requirement, increasing user retention and satisfaction.

B2C mobile app
B2C mobile app

Externalize User Value

Implement mechanisms for in-app feedback, allowing users to see the value they obtain from your product in real-time.

B2C software will provide visual, audio, and social cues to use network effects, while B2B software may provide business intelligence in form of reports or dashboards, increasing visibility of a system, and reminding users of the necessity.

Value externalization strategies extend beyond the app, pulling users back to create recurring engagement.


Build Robust Analytics Frameworks

Starting from your overarching business goals, construct a comprehensive analytics framework, based on north star metrics that reflect your long-term success.

Pinpoint leading metrics that drive towards these lagging goals, ensuring you can track progress and make informed decisions.

Then build your analytics stack to collect, analyze, and display insights so decisions are taken timely.

Analytics dashboard
Analytics dashboard

Our offering

Pretty intense, huh? For a team struggling to define it's first product:

  • Why build?

  • Whone for?

  • What to build?

  • What to measure?

With our expert guidance, you'll not only understand your product's current standing - but also have a clear roadmap for future growth.

Let's work together to enhance user engagement, streamline workflows, and drive towards your ultimate goals.

We offer individual sessions, and SixPack

Reserve your call now to secure your consultation session and take the first step towards transforming your product strategy.

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