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Once again: Cloud - 1 Desktop - 0

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Adobe buys Figma... The uproar has certainly reached you, even if you're not a UX buff. In this twitter thread (Read it, it's worth it), Amal Dorai discusses the Archimedean point of #figma over #adobexd: Cloud native multiuser product architecture - A disruptive approach which seems to just have overcome a feature-rich product - AdobeXD - even as Adobe's product supports integrated workflow (although within its walled-garden ecosystem of applications). It is interesting to see how, with the adoption of distributed collaborative software, this self-sufficient approach - to this day immensely successful - suddenly became a liability. What does this herald for other rivalries? Did anyone mention #googledocs vs #msoffice ?

Dorai discusses the advantages of a single master file, residing on a cloud server, easily accessed and distributed - over local stored file and software, in the sense of collaboration and distribution. One may wonder how a third approach (#Github uses a vault based architecture, as do some #CAD software solutions) would compete, and which paradigm may eventually win, in which verticals. Are you too interested in strategic aspects of product management?...

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