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Mobile Billboards Hackathon

Mobile Billboards Hackathon

Advertising app revolution is already here. New ideas connect consumers and brands in hitherto unseen ways

Last week, we hosted the two day Mobile Billboards™ hackathon. The event, drawing an audience of developers, advertising professionals, and entrepreneurs, concentrated on technology and business issues in the advertising domain. Participants dwelled on the changing nature of advertising, with media consumers being exposed to change. They studied the transition from passive, printed advertisements to active digital media, discussed the personification enabled by mobile platforms, and the entanglement between initial exposure to consumer action. Additionally, some participants chose to combine off and on-line advertisement as a topic.


The winner of Mobile Billboard Hackathon is Mr Ilya Rapoport, from Mobistrakt. Mr Rapoport developed OneTouch - a NFC based advertising engagement solution. OneTouch uses a few cents worth NFC tag embedded into printed advertisements to quickly and effortlessly trigger launch a web app or a website. The system automatically gathers user statistics including location, time, device info.

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