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Seed Funding for SaaS Startups

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Case At Point

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  • WooHoo is taking eCommerce gamification to new levels, creating new ways to extend engagement, customize visitor experience, and drive customer loyalty.

  • The company needed to raise funds for its next phase of growth.

  • To that effect, the founders needed to prepare a prospectus - articulating their offering and value proposition, as well as their financial plan and resulting valuation.

  • iC Consulting built a host of marketing documents, financial representations and forecasts, including:

  • Growth model

  • CAC (Cost of User acquisition)

  • LTV (Life Time Value)

  • Operational costs

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The resulting prospectus enabled founders to access the capital they sought.

WooHoo is now growing steadily, and gathering great reviews on major marketplaces.


“Working with TheRoad helped us build our business model from the ground up, Focusing on our Saas model and growth strategies. This allowed us showcase our vision to our potential investors.”

Liran Tadmor, CEO


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