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Management consulting. Product. Strategy.

Business Development for Technology Startups

marketing strategy consulting firm, we offer hands-on startup mentoring, startup business development, startup acceleration, global channel and partnering development.
Channel Development

Early stage startups find it difficult to allocate resources for business development, hampering long term success.


Do you need to accelerate local and international sales?

Let us do the hard work!

Channel development, ​lead nurturing, account based marketing

Increase you reach with pur sales developement team!


Why do only the LAST investors in the funding round offer a term sheet ?...

There are so many investors that match your scope, ticket size, and timing.


Approaching is not enough: Relationships are a must. 

Let us find the right investors for you within our vast network!


Sourcing ​key advisors is not just about price. ​

Your Lawyer counts when play significant roles when you undergo change, or growth:

  • Company / group structure

  • Cap table / founder agreements

  • Tax implications

  • M&A / Term sheet

Accountants serve a different and equally important function:

  • Valuation / Financial benchmarks​

  • Business model validation

  • Competitive landscape


We help you choose the right advisors!

Strategic Partnering

Partnering is key part of startup business development, establishing global presence.


Partners offer complementary services, managing your growing customer base over widening territories.

Our partnering process consists of the following stages:

  • Market analysis

  • Reconnaissance missions

  • Partner qualification

  • Assignment​

  • Nurturing


Let us engage with the best partners for you!


Technology vendors have a lot to gain from well managed analysts relations, as they offer both paid for and complimentary services:

  • Vendor briefings

  • Product reviews

  • Product, company updates

  • Tender management (yes, they do that, too)

Let us connect you to your "most wanted" analysts!

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