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Startup Development. As a Service.

Startup Development and Acceleration as a Service

Passionate about the challenges of Technology startups, we engage with their strategic goals.

TheRoad helps startup development and acceleration by advising about Financing roundsProduct Market Fit, their Business Model and Go To Market strategies.


We pride ourselves over our execution capabilities: We take action in building growth mechanisms required to accelerate growth, open new markets, develop distribution channels, and lead change and pivot plans - Whatever it takes to propel the company forward.

Business Development As A Service


Business Development as a Service is our offering for growth companies:

- Inbound Marketing

- Channel development

- Lead development

- International / Local sales

- Strategic partnerships

- Analyst relationships

- Investor relationships

Accelerate your venture with us. Let us extend your reach and impact!

Startup Acceleration

Management attention. Focus. Much in shortage, and yet, what's most needed to propel your startup ahead.

Increase the brainpower of your board with our experience.


Take a look at our startup acceleration services - We can cut quite a few corners for you:

- Business development

- X relations

- Marketing and growth

- Pivoting and change plans

Venture. Financing


TheRoad helps startup founders pitch their venture to investors effectively:

Pitch Review

- Investor media kit preparation


Answering the questions

- How much should you raise?​

- How much CAN you raise?

- In what valuation?​

Building an integrated. compelling vision about the opportunity your venture is for investors.

Some Clients, Use Cases

audioDots News2Speech
News to Speech solution for publishers - bringing news article to users on-the-go
TheRoad helped build the initial product, business plan, and launch campaign
AppChi is a no-code platform for enterprise applications, BPM, and GRC
TheRoad helps management with strategy, expansion plans, fund raising, and channel development.
OfficeGuy makes SaaS billing and payments solutions
TheRoad helps management in marketing to the enterprise channel
eCommerce conversion tools
TheRoad helped build the growth plan and investor media kit, resulting in securing pre seed investment round.
Task sheriff
Bookkeeping acceleration
TheRoad helped with business plans and investor media kit
Dealer Relay
Wholesale process management
TheRoad helped with business plans and investor media kit
puRO Systems
World's smallest, lightest, most reliable Reverse Osmosis water purification system
TheRoad helped with business plans and investor media kit, helped develop distribution channels in the Middle East
Israel's leading distributor of Zoom video conferencing solutions
TheRoad built a digital marketing strategy
3M Attenti's HomeFree makes electronic monitoring devices for the elderly
Prior to TheRoad, Yoel built this product as a hardware product manager
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