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Startup. Mentoring.

Accelerating Technology Startups Since 2010

Leadership... So many uncertainties, promises to keep, expectations to meet, people to motivate... Goals to set and meet...

A repeat entrepreneur myself, my passion is to help technology entrepreneurs find their path to growth.


I help founders crystalize their vision, quantify their efforts, and develop work plans that are ambitious yet realistic.

Further, I offer research and conceptualization capabilities, from market analysis to product discovery, through product-market-fit, to Go-to-market - based on best practices, and past lessons learnt.

Finally, I help managements to execute on their roadmap.


Startup Acceleration

Management attention. Focus. Much in shortage, and yet, what's most needed to propel your startup ahead.

Increase the brainpower of your board with our experience.


Take a look at our startup acceleration services - We can cut quite a few corners for you:

- Business development

- X relations

- Marketing and growth

- Pivoting and change plans

Business Development As A Service


Business Development as a Service is our offering for growth companies:

- Inbound Marketing

- Channel development

- Lead development

- International / Local sales

- Strategic partnerships

- Analyst relationships

- Investor relationships

Accelerate your venture with us. Let us extend your reach and impact!

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We provide: Management Mentoring. Product discovery. Product Marketing. Pivot Plans. Seed Round Funding consulting.