Investor Pitch Evaluation

You have assembled a great team.

Identified a great opportunity.

You are building a great product.

Now is the time to pitch to investors

Bring your pitch to us.

For a nominal fee of ILS 1499 +VAT

We will assess your value proposition, your market - and deduce your Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM).

We then review your growth plan, your profit expectations - to see how high have you raised the bar, and are you geared towards the jump.

Who are the investors you are approaching? Who should you approach?

How will the target investor identity impact your stated ambition, and the roadmap to achieve it?

This, in a condensed, single session workshop:

- Pitch your startup

- Get interactive feedback, simulating analyst discussion

- Get a written report with your strengths and areas to improve.


All in a single day!

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