Venture Capital Funding

The Right Message. The Right Plan. The Right Team.

Investor Pitch Assessment

A single meeting.
Actionable evaluation.

Startups are our business​...

Hav​ing seen dozens of founding teams, having heard their pitch, gives one a favorable vantage point to make assessment about what works, and what needs to change.

From team composition, to product validation; from initial traction to marketing at scale - patterns emerge, and lessons learned.

Come pitch to us. In a single meeting you will get valuable feedback that you can implement to bring your pitch to standard.

Build Your Pitch

How much can you raise?

What are investors expecting?

Let's build it together!

So you have this shiny new tech, a great team, and perhaps some traction. How do you go about raising additional capital?


A structured process will lead you to answer the crucial questions every investor is asking:

  • Are you on the right opportunity?

  • Is your solution the best around?

  • Is your advantage sustainable?

  • Can your team pull through?

  • Is your plan reasonable?

  • And your forecasts?

There is lots to be done!

Investment Round Management

Fundraising is a Process.

Let us help.

Overwhelming at first sight, there is method to the madness.

  • Build a list of target investors by sector, stage, and other parameters

  • Contact to generate initial interest.

  • Nurture your leads, move in the funnel

  • Be ready to negotiate different deals to different leading investors.

Transition from lead generation and qualification to negotiation and closing mood.

Due diligence is neigh. Be ready!...

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