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A single meeting.
Actionable evaluation.

Investor Pitch Assessment

Startups are our business​...

Hav​ing seen dozens of founding teams, having heard their pitch, gives one a favorable vantage point to make assessment about what works, and what needs to change.

From team composition, to product validation; from initial traction to marketing at scale - patterns emerge, and lessons learned.

Come pitch to us. In a single meeting you will get valuable feedback that you can implement to bring your pitch to standard.

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How much can you raise?
What are investors expecting?
Let's build it together!

Build Your Pitch

So you have this shiny new tech, a great team, and perhaps some traction. How do you go about raising additional capital?


A structured process will lead you to answer the crucial questions every investor is asking:​

  • Are you on the right opportunity?

  • Is your solution the best around?

  • Is your advantage sustainable?

  • Can your team pull through?

  • Is your plan reasonable?

  • And your forecasts?

There is much to be done!

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Fundraising is a Process.
Let us manage it for you.

Investment Round Management

Overwhelming at first sight, there is method to the madness.​

  • Build a list of target investors by sector, stage, and other parameters

  • Contact to generate initial interest.

  • Nurture your leads, move in the funnel

  • Be ready to negotiate different deals to different leading investors.

Transition from lead generation and qualification to negotiation and closing mood.

Due diligence is neigh. Be ready!...