shoppingDay™ is a local eCommerce market place. We connect commuters and local high street merchants.


Our app lists coupons matching your preferences and routine. Once selected, they are stored on the device for future visits in your destinations.


Are you there yet?... The mobile app navigates you to your target stores - allowing you a great shopping experience, and no less important: Food and beverages are on offer, too!


Coupons come from local merchants: They can create, upload, manage - and redeem coupons, from their mobile phone or tablet. It’s easy!


shoppingDay turns casual walk-ins into shoppers claiming their coupons... We restore traction to local merchants,  until now left behind malls and chain stores.


shoppingDay is a leveling ground for small businesses,  empowering them through technology.

Have a look! We are looking for comments, feedback, inquiries:

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