Sing 'n Drive

Caraoke is a mobile application Designed for in car singing: Passengers can read the scrolling lyrics as they sing, their voice and sound tracks are mixed and streamed to the car audio system at full power...

A collaboration with Kindgeek.

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Predictive local


shoppingDay connects local merchants to commuters.

Users are notified about RELEVANT offerings on their planned itinerary, matching their preferences.

Businesses can easily manage tightly geo-fenced campaigns to increase turnout in their stores, increase revenue.

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One App, to rule them all

Sābanto is a mobile application keeping track of all your appliances at home: From Proof-of-Purchase to manuals to guarantee management, consumers have a reliable, all in one repository of their appliances. Service providers pay to gain access to consumers, insurance companies increase renewals.

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Product Development

Pivoting from off-line to digital delivery

The internet disrupts legacy off-line content. Books, Music, Movies must all change to survive. 

With this client, we found ways to distribute their product as a digital content enrichment platform, accessible for a myriad of new users.

We identified new use cases, business models and delivery methods - adding value for a new type of digital user, and new ways of monetizing.

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Homefree Systems

System architecture drives Total Cost of Ownership

The first generation saw initial success and acceptance by patients and families. The need for battery and strap replacement, however, increased dramatically the cost of ownership. The product underwent a major architectural change that separated the main body from the interchangeable strap and battery assembly, reducing TCO by half.

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Is hardware the answer?

Cyclebe started out as a social and location platform for bicycle riders. Competing with sports app leaders, it sought an edge in developing a dedicated hardware with improved performance. 

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ZooZ medical LTD

Fall-prevention eHealth Rehabilitation

ZooZ medical was initiated by co founders Ronen Wolfson (CTO) and Yoel Frischoff (CEO) to treat the propensity for harmful falls in the 3rd age.

A pre-seed funding brought us to a product

 (Hardware, middleware, software (gaming and measurement environments), and clinical trials held at Sheba medical center.

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