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Premium Software Design - The Immersive Approach

Your vision is far reaching, aggressive, ambitious. Will your techies rise up to the challenge?

Embrace the challenge - with your head in the sky, feet on the ground

Jørn Utzon was the Danish architect who won the design competition for the Sydney Opera house (above). His famous quote "I like to be on the edge of the possible" implies that he was not one shy of taking (huge) risks.

Customers in their right mind would have needed a counter-balance, and indeed, they found such in the renowned engineering firm Arup.

(Arup is a world leading engineering group, with over 11,000 staff based in 42 countries). Their cooperation brought to life the Opera of Sydney - indeed, an architectural and engineering wonder.

Well, so much for fantasy architecture. But... Is it not the same with software projects?

Your vision is far reaching, aggressive, ambitious. Will your technical staff meet the challenge? Can your product manager, software architect deliver on it? In time? On Budget?

(Do you even have them?)

Questions loom...

Premium Software development

So, what is the meaning of "premium" in this respect?

To us, it means delivering OUTSTANDING software solutions, at FIXED costs, FIXED schedule, and GUARANTEED quality.

The Immersive Approach

Our approach binds key team members outright from the start. The effort is orchestrated by our project lead, performing as an "On-demand CTO". We offer a closely knit team, Led by a dedicated project manager acting as your R&D manager. We only offer integrated teams: As we have proven many times over - the cohesion of the team is a key element in outstanding delivery.

Comfortable at working together, we hit the ground running - minimizing friction, reducing budget and schedule overruns.

"Immersive" means you have various developers on agreement from start to finish. This means accountability and risk mitigation. It means product features envisioned, assessed, and quantified before development, and finally, it means bringing all voices to the decision making process, early on.

We help you taking risks by eliminating late and expensive surprises.

We typically break our involvement into phases:

1. Inception phase:

Arguably the most important part of any project, this is where we bring our exceptional experience and knowledge, to:

  • Articulate your vision

  • Integrate your business model

  • Pick the right tools for the job

  • Plan for the close future and mid range roadmap

  • Budgeting and scheduling

  • Setting measurable goals to our developers

  • Define technical and functional requirements

2. Execution:

Having set the project goals, we now:

  • Unleash our development team

  • Develop in small, measurable sprints

  • Test as we develop

  • Deliver customer value, often

3. Deployment:

Work is never finished on launch, is it. Once ready, we:

  • Launch, measure, modify, test, and relaunch - constantly

  • Repeat until KPI goals achieved

  • Plan for the next major version

4. Phase out:

Successful customers grow. They bring in developers, managers. Oftentimes they want full ownership of their product. This is when we:

  • Provide full documentation

  • Hand over source code

  • Handoff devOps infrastructures

  • Smooth out the tech transfer completion

This sequence, delivered by a close knit team of professionals, really brings the most of every software project.

Yes, it is a premium service, and yes, our customers LOVE it for that.

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