Startup Pivoting

Did Growth Slow Down?

Why Pivot?

Did you guess wrong, or did the market change?

"Changing Course Is Never Easy"

Innovators invariantly guess who their customers are, what do they need and want, and how best to approach them.​

Oftentimes, new technologies provide opportunities, but also change market dynamics.

This is where the Pivot kicks in:

We identify new use-cases, business models and delivery methods - adding value for users, finding ways for monetizing.

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Product Market "Fix"

Rethink the value you bring

Is it about features? about access? about pricing?


Many aspects contribute to your value proposition. Interactively with your competition, your audience preferences, they impact your Product Market Fit.

Our pivot process starts by competitive analysis, uncovering strengths and weaknesses in your offering.

It looks into your sales funnel, identifying acquisition, attrition, and churn.

Economic Customer Value, Life Time Value and additional methods are employed to establish how your pricing reflects your value.

Business model analysis is employed to assure viability of your cost structure...

There is lots to be done!

Restructure To Match

Align with your new goals, adapt to thrive!

Organizational structure is about Focus, Efficacy, Accountability.

  • Is your organization aligned after the pivot?

  • Does it support the new customers you are addressing?

  • Has your business model changed, so that cost structure changed, too?

  • Had your distribution channels changed, so that you have to mount a different sales organization?

  • How does your product / service change, and what is needed to support that change?

  • How will you support the increasing customer base (and keep costs at bay)?

These are only samples of the questions arising from the myriad changes that follow pivoting - and the longer your organization exists, the more issues you have to tackle.

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